The Four Agreements For Work

It seems obvious, but this deal is the key to a happy life and a successful career. It is also important to stick to the other three agreements. It`s easy to engage in mistakes and condemn yourself for not meeting certain standards. But if you always do your best, you can still feel good about what you`re doing, whether or not you`re aiming for a particular goal. To do your best is to take full care of what you do in every moment – to be fully alive and present. This is something that Ruiz says you can always accomplish. Deliver half of everything: half-smiling, semi-caring, half-creation, half-work. I really appreciated the way you showed the main ideas of this book. Excellent review for Miguel Ruiz`s book. I also got some nuggets out of it on getnugget .co. Nuggets as notes on the edge of a page, but with images.